Expedition Running Death Valley, (March 2012):

Beginning on March 24th, 2012, I will be running across Death Valley National Park from the northern most tip to the southern most tip. This expedition will split approximately 184 miles of rugged terrain into a projected 8 days. With that being said, although there is much land being covered within a relatively short period of time, this is not a race or any attempt to break some sort of record. Various physical features will be met or crossed such as The Last Chance Mountains, Ubehebe Crater, The Racetrack and Death Valley just too name a few. Along much of the way I will be followed by my support team in order to ensure I complete the expedition safely and smoothly. We will also have one of our crew members responsible for documenting the expedition through video and photography. While I will be covering 184 miles of unforgiving land on foot, the team will be expected to be traveling 2 safety vehicles. The date chosen seemed appropriate due to the fact that since it is towards the beginning of spring, day and night time temps should be relatively comfortable as well as there being longer periods of daylight.
The route is as follows…

The primary objective is to inspire others to start living more healthy active lifestyles through reconnecting with these natural environments while ultimately raising environmental awareness along the way. Alternatively, solitude, sense of adventure, discovery and comaraderie are other things to be gained as well.

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