When I decided that I wanted to run across the longest length of Death Valley, I knew that this would not be something I’d be able to do solo. A team would need to be assembled in order to ensure the expedition be carried out in a smooth and safe manner. Trust, motivation, and professionalism were the qualifications for a job that lacked any pay and would require work around the clock. It didn’t take long to come up with the right group of guys that seemed only fitting for this type of job. Three of the four crew members I served with in Iraq from 2008-2009. With that being said, they have already more than proved themselves worthy of the job. They are as follows:

Billyjack Jory- Driver and Navigator
Mauricio Ruiz- Expedition Manager

Arguably, the most important piece of the puzzle would be Mike Lambooth who would be responsible for getting all of this on Video. Although I haven’t known Mike for nearly as long as the others, and in fact just recently met him through friend and also professional photographer, Mark Nguon, his experience, attitude and enthusiasm about the idea of this project landed him the job!
Last but not least, the member of the crew who has been responsible for putting this website along with our facebook page together in order to allow our future fans to follow us on through this journey is our, “Tech-Girl,” and my girlfriend, Solida Nguon.

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