Ladies and Gentlemen,

After 7 months, the full length feature of Running to Inspire is ready to launch. Below is a link to view the film. I hope it delivers a little inspiration to everyone who watches it.

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to making this project a reality:

Ernie Baragar, Melissa Busse, Nicole Cecchini, Daniel Chen, Bernard Coll, Kristian Davila, Jody Ferrell, Nicolas Gaudiot, Joshua James, Brett Jaques, Mike Kowalski, Katherine Levy, Rudy Lopez, Veronica Mac, Kevin Mac, Jeff Magallanes, Michael Milarski, Eileen Murphy, Mark Nguon, Erickson Nguon, L. Price, Mauricio Ruiz, Zebulon Seiger, Barb Smith, Vichet Sok, Evo Soria Jr., Rena Tran, Mikhail Ushanov,
John Voong, Adam Weklar, Karen Zimnicki, Chan, The Lim Family,

Solida Nguon
Mom and Dad (Joanne and Jim Mills)
Shannon Mills (Sister)
Aunt Deb
Nicole Mackenzie
Uncle Bill
Bill Boby III
Jamie Boby

A Big Thank You to RUN WITH US, (Pasadena, CA)